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December 31, 2005


hugh macleod

When I talk about "Branding Is Dead", I'm talking about the death of "Brand as useful metaphor".

Too often, thinking about "Brand Essence" is just a crutch. We like our crutches- they save us having to think properly about the real issues.

But that will always come back and bite us in the arse eventually...

Happy New Year =)

Elissa Gjertson

here here. i hear you. the crutch is a nasty habit. and i'm with you on tossing the whole "essence" idea and getting to the core of the issue. most definitely, as of now, branding is often just slapped on top of something mediocre to make it pretty. this is what's kicking mad-ave's ass and where i lean toward changing the entire system. possibly, then, branding will inherently change with it.

for this change, your cartoon/chant/poetry/manifesto "the market for something to believe in is infinite" becomes my mantra. when we start with something people can believe in, the right personality (aka 'brand') is organically encapsulated. it becomes a 'before' thought. not an 'after.'

happy new year to you, hugh. and thanks for the post. you made my day.

keep on rockin' in the free world,

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