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Dan Dickinson


Just to follow up on my post (which you linked to above), I really dug what you said. Minute-for-dollar, you might have been the best value for money all conference. I think the way you presented it was perfect; if anything, there were *too many* kickers, *too much* truth in your speech for everyone to really absorb it all. The line that really stuck with me is the same line that stuck with Colin: "I don’t need brand machismo, I need product merit." It was ringing in my head this afternoon at the sessions about establishing online brands and PR blogging, while I shook my head every time a marketing person tried to convince me that marketing's still about being able to put makeup on a pig, or every time someone talked about "monetizing" their blogs this morning. There are precious few people who I'd pay to talk to me in the middle of the street (and none of them are PR flacks or marketing managers), so why would I pay them to talk to me online?

I work in a giant, bureaucratic, paranoid, obtuse company. Change scares them like Oprah scares James Frey. But you can be damn sure that (with your permission, of course) I'll be posting your manifesto and your URL on my internal blog tomorrow morning.

auntie frank

RIGHT ON. permission gleefully granted.


Bravo Elissa!

wish I could have caught yer 15 Mins of Fame @ Mesh!

next time!

Cheers! Billy ;))


of all the new lingo we've generated while playing in the frankosphere, you just came up with my favorite Elissa: "pttthhhhtttt."

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